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Basket information 

You will find shopping baskets as well as traditional round Bolgas in our selection. Those are a unique interior accessory and great for storage or picnic. Over shoulder bags are perfect companions to farmers’ markets.

Rosemary and Lavender baskets are made from woven palm leaves in the Northern part of Morocco. Bolga baskets are woven in the Bolgatanga region of Northern Ghana. Basket weaving is a traditional occupation of local Gurunsi tribe and an important source of income. A chance to send the children to school, for instance. Baskets are crafted mainly by women, although even among men there are remarkably creative makers. The baskets are produced mainly in winter, outside the harvest time.

We import our Bolgas in the means of fairtrade cooperation from an organization registered at WFTO with the aid of Shared Interest Organization membership. It assists the fairtrade manufacturers in purchasing the materials needed for the made-to-order production.     

How to shape your basket (concerns only Bolga)  

The baskets may be slightly deformed due to transportation. It is very easy to re-shape them. Shower the basket in cold water (do not saturate the handle in water). Set the basket on towel and leave it there for one to two minutes. The grass absorbs the water. Press the basket gently into shape and hang to dry. You can use few drops of lavender oil when wetting the basket. It will hold its scent for long.