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An extraordinary design in limited editions of jewels from natural materials. The English label LeJu combines the best in contemporary jewellery design using natural and sustainable materials. Necklaces and bracelets catch interest at first sight by its extraordinary colors and careful workmanship. The main material used by LeJu is a tahua nut, the "vegetable ivory", a natural material sourced from the Amazonian palm trees. It is very similar to ivory and it is its ecological and ethical substitute. LeJu also works with ethically sourced horn, drift wood and other remarkable materials. 

LeJu uses the traditional manufacturing techniques used in South America. It has been featured in many fashion magazines and is sought after for its exquisite look and strong environmental statement. LeJu jewels have been also acquired by Victoria & Albert Museum in London. 

Mara Necklace

€ 71,90

Cerise Pink Necklace

€ 92,00